Angela Vaccaro(non-registered)
Hi Fred, now Rick,
Thank you for allowing me to share in your festivity. It was a big success judging by the wonderful recorded memories. Loved all the pix and it looks like I missed most of the fun. A well deserved celebration and wishing you a wonderful next stage in your life. Looking forward to more pix of life after Numerix...Enjoy!
Ailish and David(non-registered)
Ramon was amazing !!!! He is so talented and has an exceptional talent that cannot be beat! He made us feel comfortable and allowed us to be ourselves. We enjoyed every minute of it! We can't wait to see the final product! Thank you for everything!
Nicole Alexander
I was also was at the clear event. It was fabulous. I also wanted to see the pics as well password wasn't giving access. :(
vannessa bailey
love your pics :)....I was at the Clear event but cant see the pics because of password :/
Kevin Devine(non-registered)
Dude, your great. keep up the good work!
gino xavier(non-registered)
mon ty sa pics ur the best!
Joseph Lapuebla(non-registered)
Great site keep it up.
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